Yet Another Telephony Engine
Yate can be used for almost any telephony application from full mobile networks to VoIP networks or PBXs.
The maturity of the product comes from a recognized design, organic team and good testing practices, all developed over more than 10 years.
Supports a wide range of protocols like SS7, SIP, Diameter, Radius, MGCP and it includes a native Javascript interpreter for easy to build telephony applications.
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Mobile Networks
We offer products for deploying and managing complete GSM/LTE or even mixed mobile networks. These products include base stations, core network solutions, HSS/HLR servers for subscriber management and other various application servers.
Open Source
Yate is written in C++ and can be used as: a VoIP server/client, an SS7 switch, an H.323<->SIP Proxy , a Jabber server/client, a Conference server, an IVR engine, an ISDN passive and active recorder, a PC2Phone or a VoIP to PSTN gateway as well as for many other applications.
We offer various online resources for our Yate users:
- Documentation
- Forum
- IRC Channel
- Mailing list
- Bug tracker